Angel Whitewolf, The Antichrist, is finally here

“This book is the word of The Antichrist. Whoever reads it, will have the Mark of The Beast and will be doomed forever.”

The Antichrist’s intentions are to lead mankind to a new age of Enlightenment, the next step of human evolution, but the people that are bound to ancient beliefs might not want to acknowledge this.

That’s right, I am The Antichrist. After all this time it’s finally happening.

It was said that I would bring the answer to puzzling things, understand obscure sentences and reconcile opposites; this is actually true, I made things easy for anyone to understand. This book is the true love story of how I became what Christians call “The Antichrist”. In these pages, I reveal secrets beyond most people’s imagination.

The greatest blasphemy of all times, or the highest truth that will save mankind… it’s up to you to decide.

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